WeeChat specifications

This is a collection of specifications for WeeChat, written for the development of new major features that have lot of impacts in the WeeChat code.


Specification Status WeeChat version
Follow XDG Base Directory Specifications implemented 3.2
Spacer item in bars implemented 3.6
Trigger regex commands implemented 3.8
Fix unicode display implemented 3.8
Case sensitive identifiers implemented 4.0.0
Key bindings improvements implemented 4.0.0
Practical semantic versioning implemented 4.0.0
TLS options and connections implemented 4.0.0
Relay HTTP REST API implemented 4.3.0

Specifications are visible on the GitHub pages: https://specs.weechat.org.

Copyright © 2021-2024 Sébastien Helleu

WeeChat specifications are distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.
See the LICENSE file for more information.